Autumn Purchases

Wow, another season just came and went like the blink of an eye. This time I did not buy and get as many things as I used to because of two reasons: 1/ I started saving up for a trip; 2/ I did not get a few things yet from my friend who helps me get things since she's really busy lately. Anyway, I still have more than enough beauties so let's see what I got.

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ZE volume 7 - Japanese vs English Edition

Last week, after years of waiting, I got my copy of ZE's 7th volume. Although we were warned by the publisher (DMP/801Media) if they ever released this volume, the only way it would be to censor some parts of it, but knowing and seeing is different. I was quite shocked to see the ways they used to hide some parts: be it grey blurry parts, simple erasing or use of text bubble. And to my biggest surprise, they not only censored scenes of Kotoha...

I found 14 censored images, I listed them below. (Sorry about the crappy quality, I used my phone.)
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Aomine Kuroko Kagami

Usagi Otoko Tora Otoko volume 3 coming out in October!!! <333

YESSSSSS! Finally!!! I've been waiting for this news for years now (more than 3, to be precise). And I've been actually stalking the publisher's, Chocolat Novel's site almost daily (but minimum weekly) to see this:

http://www.chocolat-novels.com/new_comic/next.html (the second one)

So the big day will be in October! I can't wait to see our Tiger yakuza and Bunny doc's love romance in total bloom. <333 Oh, and a nice plus - the first edition will have an extra paper in it special booklet attached to it (thanks cpr34 ! <3). :3333

EDIT: If anyone plans to buy it through honto.jp, here is the preorder link: http://honto.jp/netstore/pd-book_25775683.html

DIT2: It is postponed indefinitely... T_T O___O
Rin blink

Upcoming anime - with amazing seiyuu cast - Brothers Conflict

Actually, the synopsis of the story did not fascinate me (sure, 11 guys after a single, quite annonying looking girl *rolls eyes*) - it is the cast which did so I can't wait for July. >.< O.M.G.: Okamoto, Suwabe, Kaji Yuki, Ono Daisuke, Suzumura Kenichi, Toriumi Kousuke, Namikawa Daisuke, Maeno and last but not least: Kamiya. And look at Kamiya's character... XD XD He's amazing: Natsume, Mephisto and now a squirrel. XD


Oh, and my fav Nico Nico Douga singer, Gerorin will sing the OP! <3333
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