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February-March Shopping

As usual, I'm a couple of days late. Anyway, here is the next chapter of my 'catalogue'.

2013-03-09 08.30.07

So let's start with the contents of a huge package - trade items with a friend who also sent a lot of presents. (Thank you!)

(clearfiles, shitajikis, phone straps, figure, cards, lettersets, postcards etc. of various fandoms)

2013-03-24 12.23.44   2013-03-24 12.24.49
2013-03-24 12.29.50   2013-03-24 12.32.07

2013-03-24 12.31.53   2013-03-24 12.31.41   2013-03-24 12.25.58

2013-03-24 12.23.02 2013-03-24 12.31.20

2013-03-24 12.30.48 2013-03-24 12.30.22

2013-03-24 12.25.40   2013-03-24 12.23.55

2013-03-24 12.22.11   2013-03-24 12.32.25   2013-03-24 12.26.26

I also got a set of doujinshis:

2013-03-24 12.27.18   2013-03-24 12.28.44

Next, here are the results of my own shoppings. ^^


Finally the third season of Natsume came out, again as a beautiful collection! First I was shocked by the price (this single season costs the same as the first two together) but upon arrival I noticed that it does not only includes the DVDs but Blue-ray discs, too.

2013-03-20 18.38.33   2013-03-20 18.37.40

I've also bought the first season of Tiger & Bunny - of course! XD I added 2 cute merchandise to my order, a tiny alarm clock and a carabiner keychain. I just got a notification that the first volume of the manga (in English) is on its way to me! :3

2013-03-20 18.41.51   2013-03-20 18.39.52


First the English ones. Since Juné is still in 'sleep mode', I bought 2 earlier titles (thanks for the review, anjichan!) and an ancient one, too. SuBLime is active as ever (thank God) and their quality is still superb. I bought Sanae's manga because I liked her previous but this one (Love makes everything right) was a disappointment.

2013-03-30 09.00.43   2013-03-30 09.00.36 2013-02-12 20.55.05

2013-03-05 20.30.42   2013-02-20 16.10.26

I bought a couple of Japanese mangas & magazines, too - a few of them are real gems, like the sequel of UGH, Bosco's first manga, the NightS & Saezuru Tori (both not only has the color inserts but other colored pages that were published in the magazine but usually in the tankoubon they end up in black&white!)...

2013-04-01 13.22.59   2013-03-17 09.58.19

2013-02-12 21.04.20   2013-02-22 20.08.44

2013-04-01 13.19.35   2013-02-12 21.07.29
2013-04-01 13.22.40   2013-02-22 20.09.11

2013-02-12 21.06.11 2013-04-01 13.19.59
2013-03-05 20.30.06 2013-04-01 13.22.25

2013-04-04 14.10.35

This Otomedia Deluxe was such a great buy - it's basically a collection of great illustrations from animes like Magi, AoEx, Psycho-Pass,  Hyouka etc. Also, the BexBoy Magazine is special - it is the 20th Anniversary edition and it came with a postcard collection as a freebie.


Another set of adorable Kurobasu chibis (if anyone is interested, I have 3 Momois and 1 Teppei for sale ^^), a Midorima shitajiki and a nice Psycho-Pass desk mat . <3

2013-03-09 08.29.37   2013-03-09 08.17.38

Saving the best for last. :) I've bought the poster set from Guilt|Pleasure and the posters are gorgeous - I've already put them on my bedroom door, like this:

2013-04-01 14.19.17

Doesn't it look like David is checking out Katsuya's butt? :P

That's all for now. More to come......... ^^
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