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April-May Purchases

I'm a bit late, like usual but let's see what are my latest pride and joy. ;)

2013-04-13 13.34.26

English manga

I got the latest SuBLime releases, including the last volumes of Punch Up and Bonds of Dreams, Bonds of Love. It's so nice to see and have finished mangas in English (I hope someone reads this at DMP/Juné.........)
I found out about the third volume of Fujiyama Hyouta's Tale of the Waning Moon by accident, somehow I did not realized it was released in September 2012. I love this fantasy story and since the story does not seem finished, I think it will have another volume.
The first volume of Tiger & Bunny was released, too - of course I had to have it in my collection. XD

2013-05-27 13.49.02 2013-04-18 21.27.48

Hidaka Shouko's Blue Morning is out, too. Not an easy read, quite realistic in terms of high society and duties, but at least it's not as dark as Sakura Gari. I'm really curious where sensei wants to lead this story, what ending she plans for this couple.
I have two OEL mangas/doujinshis, too - I could not resist and bought the 4th chapter of Teahouse as soon as it was announced. It's not so economic this way, shipping for a single volume is relatively high so I might be waiting a little more when the next is out.
ITW8 just blew my mind. So basically the first 8 chapters were just a prologue... Oh, those around the book are notebooks, really nice quality ones.

2013-05-28 17.12.41 2013-05-11 08.39.03 2013-04-24 18.30.53

It's shoujo time! The latest volumes of Library Wars and Bunny Drop are out. I buy these because I loved the animes, so I guess the advertising effect of animes worked on me, too. ^^

2013-04-24 18.30.11 2013-05-01 13.46.52

And now onto the shounen genre. Bleach is a must and of course I had to buy the latest Blue Exorcist, too. Even though AoEx is different from the anime at this stage, it's great and it's getting better and better. In the manga I got a lot more of the Shima brothers. :3

2013-04-13 13.15.50   2013-05-23 21.00.18

Japanese manga

Ogawa Chise is a new love of mine so I immediately bought three of her works, including the latest one. I also love Sakyou Aya's style - what I adore about her, that in the midst of this self-censorship era, she draws smut shamelessly. *.*
I've bought Kyuugou's latest, 2 Fuyuno Ikuya titles, a Tenzen Momoko one, the special edition of Kitazawa sensei's latest (came with a booklet) and the extra volume of Punch Up. I wonder if this volume would be licensed, too. I hope so...
I've bought the last edition of b-BOY Kichiku - from now on, it will be called Do-kichiku. Or maybe not. I'm not sure about this. XD
Shimizu Yuki's news story is not my favorite from her - yet, but I could not resist to buy them. I was also interested in Takarai Sai's new one called Futari no Himitsu - since I did not see any chapters from this one, it was a totally blind buy - based on the pretty cover and her previous works.
Nagato Saichi's story about the cutest barber on Earth might be low on smex but the drawings are so pretty... *.*
Kinoshita Keiko can never fail me. Her drawings might not be the prettiest but the storylines are really great. So I bought the last volume of the Koyoi Omae to series and the new one called Kyou mo Tsuki ga Kirei.
Oh, and I purchased a magazine called spoon 2di which featured Psycho-pass (and K). It has nice interviews, sketches - would be great to be able to read them all. >_<

2013-05-01 13.48.30 2013-04-18 21.25.31

2013-05-01 13.49.42 2013-05-19 07.20.42

2013-05-19 07.21.57 2013-05-19 07.21.41

2013-04-18 21.26.03 2013-04-18 21.24.16


I was really happy that the 2012 remake of Ai no Kusabi made it to the US market, so I had to buy it. This is much cheaper than the Japanese version and it has English subtitles. I hope the rest of the story will make it to the screen, although the latest news are not so promising: the official site is down and their twitter account has not been updated for a long time... :(
Since the second volume of the Tiger & Bunny series was released, too - I have it in my collection, too. ^^

2013-06-01 12.41.27   2013-06-01 12.41.55

And here is my first anime OP/ED single purchase. The second OP of Psycho Pass was love at first hear for me. :3 So when I saw this special edition, I could not resist it. It has a bonus dvd with two creditless openings plus stickers. The CD case looks awesome, too.

2013-05-11 08.41.29 2013-05-11 08.43.11

2013-05-11 08.42.06 2013-05-11 08.41.53


Since above I talked about PP, let me show the clearfile set (of 2) I bought:

2013-05-11 08.40.05 2013-05-11 08.40.30

Above, at the DVDs, there's a little box. It's an Ao no Exorcist poker card pack. Look how adorable chibis are on the cards!

2013-06-01 12.43.31

And last but not least, the latest addictions to the Kuroko chibi family. XD

2013-04-13 13.33.49

Closer look:

2013-04-13 13.34.34 2013-04-13 13.34.26

Closest XD

2013-04-13 13.35.48 2013-04-13 13.35.37 2013-04-13 13.35.26

2013-04-13 13.35.14 2013-04-13 13.35.04


The real owners of my apartment. ^^ I've bought a new IKEA chair (of course, in Kotetsu-green), and it was immediately taken over by Frodo. Tade is doing a little gardening and Fiona is just being a princess. Plus here is the proof of the love between Frodo and Fiona. <3

2013-05-23 07.53.06 2013-05-19 07.18.06

2013-04-13 13.17.08 2013-05-20 14.18.47

That's all for now - more to come... ^^
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