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Summer Purchases

Well, RL is pretty hectic for me nowadays, so instead of the bi-monthly update, this time I do a 'season' update. ^^

2013-06-17 18.38.47

As you will see, the last part of the summer is heavily influenced by my new craze: Free! This anime and the boys totally won me over, so it's a bit bad for my bank account (and heart). I keep buying Kuroko no Basket and Tiger&Bunny related merchandise and doujinshi, too.

Japanese manga:

Most are new releases but when I was listing the things I have, I noticed a few older ones I missed so I ordered them, too (e.g. the Kuku Hayate title or the first volume of Fujitani's Rutta to Kodama)

2013-08-19 13.25.11   2013-08-10 17.57.38

Kinoshita Keiko never fails to deliver, this time the story is set in a historical setting. Konjiki Runa's work is as beautiful as ever, her images are really powerful. Takarai Saki's title was a disappointment, I'm not even sure I'm gonna buy the second volume. It's not her fault though, she was working from a novel and somehow the story did not quite grabbed me. Kanzaki Takashi is the same: I love his masculine, angular boys & smut a lot. Nothing extraordinary though.

2013-08-10 17.57.27   2013-07-13 10.42.03

Nekota Yonezou's 4th Elektel Delusion is top notch, I just adore this couple. :) The volume had two tiny chibi color papers, forgot to take a picture of them, maybe I'll scan them and upload here later. Tenzen Momoko's story has an oyaji uke and I enjoyed it. Another Kinoshita, 1st volume of Ikusen no Yori - I did not have this either (the other two I have). Last in this raw is about one of the most adorable couples out there, by Sagawa Miku.

2013-07-06 22.33.03   2013-06-27 20.27.32

As soon as I learnt about the manga version of PP and saw the covers, I knew I had to have them! It's beautifully drawn and I love it. Nadeshiko's title was a blind buy, based on the cover. Haven't read it though. Since I love Chidori Peco's style, of course I put her latest work in my shopping cart and it was a good decision.

2013-06-27 20.27.16   2013-06-27 20.27.02

The first volume ended in a cliffhanger so I bought the second volume of Sayonara Itoshii My friend (not read it yet). Ogawa Chise is my new love, this oneshot collection is also great. When it comes to Katou Setsuko and Chiba Ryouko - I can't say no to any new things.

2013-06-09 15.57.42   2013-06-09 15.57.55

When Yasashiku shinaide's 3rd volume came out, I noticed I have not bought the first 2 yet so I quickly corrected this mistake (the reason why I did not buy them was probably that for a while I was boycotting Libre titles.....) The last one in this raw was again a blind buy: it's Nirameba Koi by Yukue Moegi - haven't read this either (yet).

2013-06-18 19.52.50   2013-06-18 19.53.04

I bought this Fukai Youki because it got good reviews, will have to read it to see it for myself. Kitazawa Kyou's Love Kids is adorable. Aiba Kyouko's style is really appealing for me so I keep adding her works, too, to my collection. Same goes for Abe Akane.

2013-07-06 22.33.19   2013-06-18 19.53.55

And the two older titles I mentioned above.

Japanese artbook:

For months, there is no new release of artbooks and this summer suddenly 3 came out - serious attack against me and my bank account again. But all three are worth the price. <3

2013-07-13 10.41.08   2013-07-06 22.33.34   2013-08-10 17.57.01

Japanese magazine:

Quite a few one, some I buy for specific chapters of a manga, some out of curiosity. I will reduce this though in the future, since I buy the tankoubons later anyway. MOCA is my favorite BL magazine by far - it has many of my favorite mangakas and it's a really nice quality.

2013-08-10 17.57.10   2013-06-18 19.53.46   2013-08-19 13.25.26

2013-06-09 15.57.08   2013-08-19 13.29.25

As I mentioned earlier, Free! has a strong influence on me at the moment and I ended buying a few magazines just because of the great images of the boys.

2013-09-02 18.21.45   2013-09-02 18.23.14

Animedia had 2 nice extras attached: a Free! clearfile (A4 size) and a Shingeki no Kyojin (great anime, too btw) door hanger (both are two-sided).

2013-09-02 18.22.10      2013-09-02 18.22.37

2013-09-02 18.24.16

Animage also had an A4 clearfile. <33

2013-08-19 13.25.39

Spoon. 2Di was not unknown for me, I bought an issue earlier - it had Psycho Pass on the cover and featured in it. With this number, a huge, A2 Free! poster came, I'll put in on my door I guess. The next volume also features Free!, I've ordered it but I still have not received it...


My lovely helper sent me 2 packs of doujinshi, most were released at the Winter Comiket last year. I'm still in love with doujinshis - the covers, the size are all wonderful and exceptional.

Tiger&Bunny (Amagi Reno, Asou Kai, Tsuge Amayo, Matoh Sanami, Suno Ichino (Eternal Snow), OJmomo/Yoshi (Color works is a color collection), Mutobe Ryo, Katou Setsuko, Kodaka Kazuma)

2013-08-19 13.27.33   2013-08-19 13.28.25

2013-08-19 13.28.06   2013-08-10 18.00.53

2013-08-10 17.59.13   2013-08-10 17.58.53

Magi, 2 more T&B, Psycho Pass, Kuroko original dj etc. Mikumo Azu (3cloudy), Aiba Kyouko, Inariya Fusanosuke, Kouji Tatsuru, Chiba Ryouko, Suzuki Tsuta, Asou Kai, Nekota Yonezou, Kusaka Takaaki, Yoneda Kou, Haruno Ahiru, Fujino Akitsugu (inumog)

2013-08-10 17.59.36   2013-08-19 13.30.59

2013-08-19 13.28.48   2013-08-10 17.59.59

2013-08-19 13.27.46   2013-08-10 18.00.39

2013-08-19 13.27.19   2013-08-19 13.27.05

2013-08-19 13.28.59

OEL doujinshi/novel by G|P

2013-06-08 16.14.07

English manga:

I'm still buying as many as I can, especially from SuBLime but I continue to collect the other non-BL series. VIZ is totally riding the Tiger&Bunny wave, bringing not only the manga but doujinshi collections, too (although also non-BL). Nabari no Ou has its final, 14th volume - I loved this story, both the anime and the manga (the story is a bit different in those but I don't mind it at all, it feels a bit like parallel universes). My Library Wars title unfortunately already have a very intimate encounter with a bottle of cappuccino. :(((( The first two volumes of No.6 are also out - it is great to get into the story through a different medium again.

2013-08-10 17.57.53   2013-07-13 10.41.48

2013-08-19 13.25.55   2013-06-21 15.32.20

2013-08-19 13.29.42   2013-08-10 17.58.17

2013-09-02 18.25.09

2013-07-16 18.38.40   2013-07-13 10.41.33

Merchandise, collectibles etc.:

As I'm in a severe Free! fever at the moment, and I'm in love with the ED, of course I had to have the CD. ^^

2013-09-02 18.19.47   2013-09-02 18.20.43

2013-09-02 18.20.25

The very first merchandise of Free! I got is this mousepad:

2013-08-19 13.24.33

This 2013 AoEx calender was so cheap, I just could not leave it at the webshop. It's A3 size and full of my favorite images. <3

2013-09-02 18.26.50

These were free bags that came with doujinshis:

2013-08-10 18.09.48

A few KuroBasu merchandise stuff. This calculator is adorable and I can actually use it :)

2013-08-19 13.23.58

The 'usual' chibi set, this time the 'off shot' edition. :3 Just how cute Kuroko and Kagami is?!? They are my fav in this set for sure.

2013-06-29 17.09.12   2013-06-29 17.10.09

2013-07-03 19.38.09   2013-06-29 17.04.04

2013-06-29 17.07.17   2013-06-29 17.01.43

I bought the below cutiepies through garagesalesjapan. I'm happy I could get them since at the time they were released, I missed them.

2013-06-17 18.38.58   2013-06-17 18.38.47

2013-06-17 18.38.18

And the Keepers of my treasures. :)

2013-06-09 19.17.09   2013-06-09 19.17.45

A few things did not make it until now, those will be grouped to my next post.

Thanks for looking!

(I wanted to post this last Friday but LJ ate up 6 of attempts and got fed up with it.... T_T)
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